Moisture attacking a building can be conducive to mold, decay, insects, and corrosion in the electrical system.

Finding the source of moisture can be a challenge.  I am still amazed at the mystery of seeking moisture and how difficult it can be.  The cost of moisture to consumer can be vast sums of money.  Moisture does not always leave a stain to show it's location. It can have unexpected reactions that can have a profound affect, if not corrected in time.

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As moisture enters a wall cavity, it spreads out and moves down. If mold spores are present, you can create a mold farm, even if there are no signs on the wall this is happening. Some people, childen and the elderly can have health issues from toxic mold. When your immune system is fighting mold, it can weaken a person to other health issues and they will not even know the root cause is mold. Doctors do not test for mold until they realize the current things they have tried are not not working.


Moisture can lead to decay damage over time, if not stopped.  Wood destroying insects are dawn in to the areas of moisture and that too can lead to damage to the building.  If the moisture gets into some areas of the electrical system, it can cause corrosion,  that can lead to heat building up in these areas, as current is blocked by the corrosion (this can become a fire hazard over time, in some cases).


No wonder insurance companies claim that they spend massive millions of dollars on moisture related issues and it's side affects, in a building.